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About Us
About Us

For over 9 years, we have been providing windows based shared and reseller hosting solutions to our customers. With servers available in both the UK and the US, we can provide fast, reliable hosting coupled with efficient and friendly support! Experience the benefit of the latest Microsoft technologies such as ASP.Net 4.8 and SQL Server 2019, whilst still having access to alternative technologies such as PHP and MySQL.

About LiquidSix Hosting
LiquidSix Hosting opened its doors to customers on the 16th April 2004 and was an instant success. Reaching profitability by the middle of 2004, LiquidSix continued to grow and improve its services throughout 2004 culminating in the provision of new servers at the beginning of 2005 which allowed us to further expand and improve on our services. Throughout this period we were also developing new features for the Helm control panel (see the section on PW New Media below) to improve not only our own services, but the services of hundreds of other Helm based web hosts who have purchased these features. In the middle of 2005, new technologies were introduced including Microsoft SQL Server to compliment our ASP and ASP.Net hosting offerings.

Towards the end of 2005 and for the beginning of 2006, we were investigating and preparing for what would be the biggest change since LiquidSix opened - the provision of brand new servers both in the UK and the US, plus the migration of all existing customers to these new servers. With the introduction of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 at the same time, and other numerous improvements we continue to focus on providing the very best shared and reseller solutions on Microsoft technologies and there are many more new features to come!

Even with our continued growth, we are still not a large web host - and we are pleased about this fact. Being smaller means that we can have a more personal relationship with our customers and provide friendly support on all aspects of their hosting. This is something that you do not always get with a large company who, for example, set targets for their support staff on how many tickets they must answer in an hour, possibly using pre-written answers - ignoring the unique needs of the customer. At LiquidSix, we are developers and site owners as well, meaning we have real world experience in creating and running websites. We can use this knowledge to assist you with any problems you may have getting your site running. In particular we specialise in the two main Microsoft languages - ASP and ASP.Net.

During the first half of 2009, every one of our customer-facing servers were replaced with brand new ones. Our move of the UK based services to a brand new datacenter in Manchester allowed for many upgrades to increase the performance and reliability of our services. Throughout the coming months and years we will be taking advantage of this new infrastructure to introduce a number of new services and features.

At the beginning of 2014, we completley refreshed our hosting plan range with brand new single domain, multi domain and reseller plans with increased resources and new features. We also launched our new Windows 2012 R2 hosting platform, with brand new hardware including six core Intel Xeon processors, 32gb RAM and RAID 10 10,000rpm hard drives.

Make sure to read about why we do not offer unlimited hosting and our commitment to honest, fair and reasonable pricing - click here to find out more!

About PW New Media
LiquidSix Hosting is the web hosting part of PW New Media, which has been developing applications and websites for over 14 years. In recent times, PW New Media has been developing add-on products for the Helm Hosting Control Panel (which we use at LiquidSix). The flagship product in this series is ""Helm Extensions - one of the most well known Helm add-on products used by hundreds of web hosts throughout the world. Creating these products has given us detailed knowledge of how Helm operates, so we can always get the best out of it for our customers. In 2005 we became one of the first "Helm Development Partners".

Development Partner

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Single Domain Hosting Matrix
Starter Single Plan (£9.99 year)
Bronze Single Plan (£2.49 mth)
Silver Single Plan (£4.99 mth)
Gold Single Plan (£9.99 mth)
Platinum Single Plan (£16.99 mth)

Multi Domain Hosting Matrix
Silver Multi Plan (£7.49 mth)
Gold Multi Plan (£12.49 mth)
Platinum Multi Plan (£24.99 mth)

Reseller Hosting Matrix
Starter Reseller Plan (£9.99 mth)
Bronze Reseller Plan (£19.99 mth)
Silver Reseller Plan (£34.99 mth)
Gold Reseller Plan (£49.99 mth)
Platinum Reseller Plan (£99.99 mth)

Dedi/VPS Hosting Matrix
Dedicated Servers (from £49.95)
Virtual Private Servers (from £29.95)

Low Density Hosting Matrix
Low Density (from £14.99)
Dedicated LD (£329.99 mth)

UK and US Servers

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