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HELM Control Panel

Our control panel is the industry leading Helm control panel for Windows, from Web Host Automation. It includes full control over your website and all services such as statistics, databases and mail. For resellers, there is also a reseller control panel for setting up your customers accounts and also allowing you to do anything they can do from their control panel, so that you have the tools to give them the highest service possible!

The exact options that you have available in your control panel will depend on the plan that you choose to purchase. See the plans page for more information on which features are available for use on the plan you are interested in. We also have some addons to the control panel installed, called Helm Extensions. These were developed by our parent company (PW New Media) and are sold to many other web hosts. We have recently become one of the first Helm Development Partners and because of this, you can be assured that our team knows the workings of Helm very well!

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Want to try it for yourself?
If you would like to have a look around the control panel yourself, you can login to our demo accounts. These will let you look around all the options you get, but not allow you to change anything for security reasons!

You can login at either (UK Server) or (US Server) using one of the following sets of login information:

Shared Account Demo:
Username: DEMOUSER
Password: password

Reseller Account Demo:
Password: password

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Single Domain Hosting Matrix
Starter Single Plan (£9.99 year)
Bronze Single Plan (£2.49 mth)
Silver Single Plan (£4.99 mth)
Gold Single Plan (£9.99 mth)
Platinum Single Plan (£16.99 mth)

Multi Domain Hosting Matrix
Silver Multi Plan (£7.49 mth)
Gold Multi Plan (£12.49 mth)
Platinum Multi Plan (£24.99 mth)

Reseller Hosting Matrix
Starter Reseller Plan (£9.99 mth)
Bronze Reseller Plan (£19.99 mth)
Silver Reseller Plan (£34.99 mth)
Gold Reseller Plan (£49.99 mth)
Platinum Reseller Plan (£99.99 mth)

Dedi/VPS Hosting Matrix
Dedicated Servers (from £49.95)
Virtual Private Servers (from £29.95)

Low Density Hosting Matrix
Low Density (from £14.99)
Dedicated LD (£329.99 mth)

UK and US Servers

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