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UKUK Datacenter Details
Our main prescience is in the UK, it is where we are based and we host our own websites. As of April 2009, all of our UK servers are now based in a brand new datacenter in Manchester. It was completed in March 2009 and has all the features that you would expect from a modern datacenter:
  • N+1 UPS Protection
  • N+1 Downflow Cooling
  • Dedicated 11Kv substation on-site
  • Full generator backup, with several days on-site fuel storage
  • 24-hour monitored and recorded CCTV security
  • 20Gbps resilient network ring linking the site to key datacentres in Manchester and London


UKUS Datacenter Details
Dallas, Texas
Our secondary prescience is in the US, where we have servers located at a major datacenter in Dallas, Texas. For information on the software used on the servers, see below.

UKGeneral Information - Covering both data centers
Although the specification of each server varies (depending on what it is used for), the minimum specification for all the servers that we use is a Quad Core Intel Xeon with 32gb RAM. Our new Windows 2022 based web servers use Hex Core Intel Xeon processors, with 32gb RAM and NVMe SSD Drives. The UK & US servers use separate copies of the Helm control panel and have separate email, ftp, statistics, database etc. However the availability of two geographically diverse locations allows us to build greater redundancy into our network than web hosts situated in one location. There are 4 DNS servers, two hosted in the UK and two in the US. These 4 DNS servers will share data between them meaning that even if an entire country was unreachable, there would still be at least one DNS server available to answer DNS queries for your domains. This is important as this means that email will be queued for later delivery if there should be a problem with the mail server, rather than being lost as it would be if no DNS servers were available.

Every server is backed up daily to a different physical location as the main servers, so that we always have two complete copies of the data.

UKSoftware Used - Covering both data centers

We use the same basic software configuration on both sets of servers, here is a list of some of the software that we use:

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Single Domain Hosting Matrix
Starter Single Plan (£9.99 year)
Bronze Single Plan (£2.49 mth)
Silver Single Plan (£4.99 mth)
Gold Single Plan (£9.99 mth)
Platinum Single Plan (£16.99 mth)

Multi Domain Hosting Matrix
Silver Multi Plan (£7.49 mth)
Gold Multi Plan (£12.49 mth)
Platinum Multi Plan (£24.99 mth)

Reseller Hosting Matrix
Starter Reseller Plan (£9.99 mth)
Bronze Reseller Plan (£19.99 mth)
Silver Reseller Plan (£34.99 mth)
Gold Reseller Plan (£49.99 mth)
Platinum Reseller Plan (£99.99 mth)

Dedi/VPS Hosting Matrix
Dedicated Servers (from £49.95)
Virtual Private Servers (from £29.95)

Low Density Hosting Matrix
Low Density (from £14.99)
Dedicated LD (£329.99 mth)

UK and US Servers

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