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Low Density Hosting Information

Our low density hosting is similar to shared hosting, except that the maximum number of domains allowed on one server is 50, and each domain has its own dedicated always-running application pool in IIS. This means that each site is better isolated from other sites on the same server than in shared hosting and it has more resources dedicated to it and that the application pool is always ready to serve the site. In addition a new IIS feature called Application Initialization means that any time the pool is restarted, your website is started so that any tasks it performs at startup (such as compiling an ASP.Net application) are done ready for the first visitor. The result is that larger, more intensive sites will perform better and be more reliable, without the cost of running your own server, and the knowledge that requires.

Each low density server also has an instance of SQL Server 2014 Web Edition and MySQL 5 available to it. These are exclusively for use by the domains on that server, rather than using our standard shared hosting ones. Again this means better performance, as there are fewer databases. As with all our web servers, a local FTP server is installed on each server. The same Helm control panel is used for low density hosting, along with our SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats for site analytics and our 4 redundant DNS servers.

As each website has its own application pool, problems with one site will not affect the other sites on the same server. It also allows us to securely offer full trust in ASP.Net - something which is not possible on standard shared hosting, for security reasons. All the ASP components that you have come to expect on our standard hosting are also included.

These low density plans are available both to regular customers and to resellers. Whichever option you choose, the price is the same. The only difference is in the control panel - the reseller control panel allows you to sell to your customers in an unbranded fashion. If you are not reselling, it is best to choose the regular option, so as to avoid having your control panel filled with unnecessary options. If you are an existing reseller and want to start offering our low density plans as well, a second separate Helm account will be needed to do this, as our low density hosting can not be mixed with the standard plans.

If you are looking for the ultimate in reselling, we offer a Dedicated LD service, where an entire dedicated server is reserved for the use of your customers. It is your choice as to how many domains you put on it: you can keep the density low to get the best performance, or fill it up with as many customers as you wish. It is completely managed for you, so you do not have to worry about the technical skills required. For full details on this service, please see the Dedicated LD page, as the information on this current page does not apply.

So, if you have decided that low density hosting is for you, how do you go about purchasing? It is sold on a per-domain basis, with each domain including a large quantity of resources - 25gb disk space and 250gb bandwidth each month! The pricing starts at £14.99 a month if you are buying just one domain, and then goes down in price as you purchase more.

1 domain£14.99 each
2+ domains£13.99 each
5+ domains£12.99 each
10+ domains£11.99 each
15+ domains£10.99 each
25+ domains£9.99 each

We also sell "packs" of domains. These are sold in quantities of 5 and 10 at £12.99 per domain and £11.99 per domain respectively. The advantage of these is that you can share resources between domains, so if you have 5 domains you have a total of 125gb disk space to split across the 5 domains however you wish.

To order 1 domain, or one of our packs, click here to use the signup form. If you wish to order a different quantity of domains, or you are an existing low density customer who would like to add more domains, please contact sales by clicking here and we will be happy to make the arrangements for you.

If you have an existing site on our standard hosting, and would like to move it to low density hosting, please let us know and we can assist you with this in order to make the transition as smooth and easy for you as possible.

If you have any questions about our low density hosting, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries.

General Features
Tick1 Domains hosted on the account

Each hosted domain is completely seperate, with it's own FTP account and file system. The control panel will allow you to access and control all of your domains through one login. If you would like different logins for different domains, so that other people can access some of your domains, a reseller plan must be chosen.

Tick25gb Disk Space

This is the amount of disk space you have available on your server for uploading your site, and storing all files such as Access Databases, HTML Files, images etc. This space is also used to store databases and e-mail, your total usage for all services must be under the limit of your plan. There are also limits on the size of individual email accounts and databases, please see the hosting plan page for more details.

Additional disk space can be purchased in 1gb blocks if needed, please see the services page.

We measure disk space in gigabytes, with 1 gigabyte (gb) being equivalent to 1024 megabytes (mb), each megabyte being equivalent to 1024 kilobytes (kb) and each kilobyte being equivalent to 1024 bytes.

Disk space used on the website can only be to support the website's functionality, we do not support it's use for file sharing or storage. Database space may only be used for databases that support the website's functionality

Tick250gb Bandwidth each month

Bandwidth is used each time someone visits your site, so if they see a page that is 3kb of html data with a 10kb picture on, they have used 13kb of your bandwidth limit. If you get 10 people viewing that page, that's 130kb bandwidth. We only measure the bandwidth to and from your website, we don't take into account ftp or mail bandwidth - so you can use those services as much as you like, without worrying about how much you are using. The figure given is for each 30 day rolling period. Extra bandwidth can be purchased in 10GB blocks, please see the services page.

We measure bandwidth in gigabytes, with 1 gigabyte (gb) being equivalent to 1024 megabytes (mb), each megabyte being equivalent to 1024 kilobytes (kb) and each kilobyte being equivalent to 1024 bytes.

TickOperating System

All of our shared hosting plans use Microsoft Windows Server 2022 to support all the latest technologies.

TickWeb Server

For our Windows Server 2022 servers, we use Internet Information Services (IIS) 10 as the web server to support all the latest technologes.

 UK Datacenter

All our low density plans and server packages are hosted in our UK datacenter (located in Manchester)

Web Features
TickUnlimited Domain Aliases

All of our plans allow for adding unlimited aliases to hosted domains. An alias is another domain that displays exactly the same website, email addresses and DNS records. In this way, you can add as many extra domains as you wish to point to the same website (for example you might have a site on, that also has, and as aliases). All emails sent to an address at an alias will arrive at that mailbox on the main domain.

Tick5 Sub Domains

You can create sub domains of any domains you host with us, these are in the form and a directory is created for them in the main domain's web space.

Tick10 FTP Accounts

An FTP account allows you to upload your website or other files to our servers easily. You can use any FTP client you like on your computer to do so. You can find FTP clients at many software download sites, or can even use ones built into some browsers such as Internet Explorer.

TickSite Statistics (SmarterStats)

SmarterStats is an advanced statistics package which will give you detailed information on your visitors and their browsing habits. Find out what files are using the most bandwidth, or where in the world your visitors come from! You can see details of SmarterStats on the developers website:

TickDaily Off-Site Backups

All of your data is backed up every night to an off-server location, so that in the unlikley event of anything going wrong with our servers we can restore all of your data. We can also retrieve specific files if you accidentally delete them for a fee of £10.00 each time.

Tick4 Redundant DNS Servers

We maintain four separate DNS Servers, each in a different datacenter, spread across two different continents. This ensures that in the event of an emergency with one, at others will always be functioning and providing your sites DNS data.

TickDNS Record Editor

Allows you to configure DNS entries for your domain manually (this is for advanced users, and you don't need to use it if you want to!). Allows modification and addition of A records, CNAME records and MX records.

TickSecure Folders (Password Protected Directories)

Secure folders (or password protected directories) allow you to set up a list of usernames and passwords that are required in order to access specific folders on a website.

Messaging Features
Tick100 E-Mail Accounts

Each POP3/IMAP account is an email address that can store e-mails. You can check it using a mail client such as Outlook, Outlook Express etc or using our included webmail. The space used by your mail accounts is counted towards the your main disk space quota for the plan. There is also a limit for individual accounts, which is listed for each hosting plan.

Tick10gb Limit Per E-Mail Account

This limit applies to each individual email account, to stop one account from monopolising server resources. The disk space used by each account also applies towards the main hosting plan limit.

Tick500 E-Mail Forwarders

A forwarder (also known as an alias) is an address that simply sends all email it recieves to another location. This could be another address on the same domain, or a different domain. Due to the unreliability of some free email providers, we do not support forwarding messages to email accounts hosted at free email providers.

TickSmarterMail Webmail

We use the latest SmarterMail mail server which includes high-quality webmail for all of our customers. It allows you to check your email on the road and comes complete with address book, calendar, tasks etc! For details of the SmarterMail interface please visit the developers at

TickPOP3 Access

You can check your email from your PC using either the POP3 or IMAP protocol, it's your choice! We also include an SMTP server which authenticated users can use to send email from their PC.

TickIMAP Access

You can check your email from your PC using either the POP3 or IMAP protocol, it's your choice! We also include an SMTP server which authenticated users can use to send email from their PC.

ASP.Net Scripting Features
TickASP.Net Framework (2.0 through 4.8)

The latest .Net framework version is supported on our Windows Server 2022 servers, allowing for the use of all the latest Microsoft technologies in your website.

TickASP.Net Full Trust Support

On Windows Server 2022 servers, we support the use of Full Trust to run any ASP.Net scripts that you need. This option can be selected from the "Website Settings" page in the control panel. We also support a modified Medium Trust environment that can be used to run all scripts that support a secure shared hosting environment.

TickASP.Net Integrated Pipeline Support

One of two pipeline modes supported on Windows Server 2022, this option can be selected from the "Website Settings" page in Helm. It closely integrates ASP.Net into the IIS pipeline for better performance and control over ASP.Net based websites.

TickASP.Net Classic Pipeline Support

One of two pipeline modes supported on Windows Server 2022, and the only pipeline mode supported on Windows Server 2003. ASP.Net runs as an ISAPI filter.

TickASP.Net MVC Support

We support the use of any version of ASP.Net MVC. Some versions are pre-installed on the server, or the DLL/assembly can be uploaded to the "bin" directory of the website to run any version that you wish.

Other Scripting Features
TickIIS URL Rewrite 2.0

Our Windows 2022 hosting supports IIS URL Rewrite 2.0, which allows you to specify rewrite rules in your web.config file. For some documentation on the module and how to use it, please click here

TickPHP 8.3 (and older) support

PHP is another scripting language which allows the addition of dynamic elements to your websites. It is normally (but not always) used in conjunction with MySQL, and many pre-made scripts can be found on the internet if you do not wish to write your own. We use PHP 8.3 by default, but you can also choose from versions between 8.2 and 5.6 which are available, but not recommended (or possibly supported by the PHP developers).

TickClassic ASP Support

ASP "Classic" is a scripting language from Microsoft to allow you to add dynamic content to your websites. You can write your own scripts to do almost anything, or use many of the pre-written scripts that you can find on the internet. We have the IIS6 as our web server, which fully supports the latest version of ASP. A large number of ASP Components are included, please see the main plan information pages for details.

Tick1 MySQL 5.7 Databases

We support the use of MySQL databases on our server which are used mostly with PHP scripts, but can also be used with other languages (such as ASP, ASP.Net etc through MyODBC which we also have installed). We also have phpMyAdmin to enable you to manage your databases. The space used by your MySQL databases is counted towards the your main disk space quota for the plan and there is a limit on individual database size.

Tick1 Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Databases

Powered by Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Web Edition, these databases are great for use from ASP.Net or ASP, as well as supporting other scripting languages.

TickMaximum Database Size of 10gb

In order keep our servers running smoothly, there is a maximum size for individual databases (both MySQL and SQL Server). The size is set for each plan. The disk space used is also counted towards your main plain limit.

Low Density Hosting Features
TickLow Density Servers
Limited to a maximum of 50 domains per server, so that you get the best performance for your site. For full details on low density hosting, please click here.
TickIsolated Application Pool
Each domain is located in its own application pool, so that no other sites on the same server can cause problems. This increased the reliability of the site, and as the pool is dedicated to the one domain, also increases performance.
TickAlways Running Pool
The individual pool that serves your site is set to be Always Running, meaning it never shuts down due to lack of activity. This (combined with Application Initialisation) means that the website is always loaded and ready for use by visitors, without any lag time for the application to startup. This is especially helpful for applications that require compilation by the server at start up.
TickAlways Running Pool
When the application pool for your site restarts, the server will query the site's home page to ensure that any start-up code is run immediatley and the site is fully loaded ahead of the first visit. This (combined with an Always Running application pool) means that the website is always loaded and ready for use by visitors, without any lag time for the application to startup. This is especially helpful for applications that require compilation by the server at start up.

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