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Our Hosting Plans

If you want to host more than one website, all in one easy payment, these are the plans for you - each offering multiple domain hosting, with all the disk space, bandwidth and other resources that you need! All these plans can be hosted either at our UK or US datacenter on our latest Windows Server 2022 based servers.

Domains Hosted 3 10 30
Disk Space 5gb 20gb 50gb
Monthly Bandwidth 50gb 200gb 500gb
» Platform
Operating System Win 2022 Win 2022 Win 2022
Web Server
IIS 10
IIS 10
IIS 10
Fast SSD Hosting Tick Tick Tick
UK or US Datacenter
Tick Tick Tick
» Web Features
Unlimited Domain Aliases Tick Tick Tick
Sub Domains 3 20 50
FTP Accounts 3 20 50
SmarterStats Tick Tick Tick
Daily Off-Site Backups Tick Tick Tick
4 Redundant DNS Servers Tick Tick Tick
DNS Record Editor Tick Tick Tick
Secure Folders Tick Tick Tick
» Messaging Features
E-Mail Accounts 50 200 500
Limit Per E-Mail Account 3gb 5gb 10gb
E-Mail Forwarders 100 500 1000
SmarterMail Webmail Tick Tick Tick
POP3 Access Tick Tick Tick
IMAP Access Tick Tick Tick
ActiveSync Access (option) (option) (option)
» ASP.Net Scripting Features
.Net 5.0 through 8.0 Tick Tick Tick
.Net Core (1.0 to 3.1) Tick Tick Tick
ASP.Net (2.0 to 4.8) Tick Tick Tick
Full Trust ASP.Net Tick Tick Tick
Integrated Pipeline Tick Tick Tick
Classic Pipeline Tick Tick Tick
ASP.Net MVC Tick Tick Tick
» Other Scripting Features
URL Rewrite Tick Tick Tick
PHP 8.3 (and older) Tick Tick Tick
Classic ASP Tick Tick Tick
MySQL 5.7 Databases 3 10 40
SQL Server 2019 Databases 3 10 40
Maximum Database Size 2gb 2gb 3gb
» Prices
Monthly Price £7.49 £12.49 £24.99
Quarterly Price £20.99 £34.99 £69.99
Yearly (Best Price!) £74.99 £124.99 £249.99
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Features included free on all hosting plans:
» Windows 2022» Persists ASPEMail
» Daily Off-Site Backups» Persists ASPJpeg
» Helm 3 Control Panel» Persists ASPUpload
» Domain Aliases» Dimac w3 JMail
» Access Databases (except Starter Shared)» aspSmart SmartUpload
» MIME Type Editor» ServerObjects ImageSize
» Web Based File Manager» Dundas Upload
» POP3 & IMAP checking for Mail» CDOSYS
» Webmail with calendar and address book» MS XML
» E-Mail Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam» FileSystemObject
» MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51, 5.1, & 5.2
» MySQL Connector/NET

Where are the unlimited plans? - Click here to read about the myth of unlimited plans!

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