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Setup & Management for VPS and Dedicated Servers
All of our standard VPS and dedicated servers are unmanaged, with the exception of the Dedicated LD Service. There are two options for the setup of a new server which are detailed below. If you would like a quote for a custom setup not listed below or for ongoing management of certain aspects, please contact sales.

Standard Setup (Included in price)
A clean copy of Windows with IIS will be installed onto the server. All of the latest Service Packs and Windows Updates that are available at the time will be downloaded and installed. Our default partition options based on your disk space configuration will be used, unless another partition setup is specified during the ordering process. Windows firewall will be configured to allow HTTP and Remote Desktop access, with everything else blocked (this can be changed once you are logged in to allow anything else that you need). Once the server is ready, the IP and login details to access Remote Desktop will be sent to you. From this point on, you have full access to the server and we will no longer have any access to it - so it is important to ensure you keep all passwords safe. Remote desktop will allow you to access the server as if you were sitting at it, and is included in all recent versions of Windows client operating systems, so you do not need to download it separately. It is important to keep your server up to date with all the latest patches and updates once we have handed it over to you. Most standard servers are ready within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment.

Full Setup (£175 extra setup cost)
In addition to the standard setup above, we will also set the server up to serve one website using the following software:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • SmarterMail (free edition, or full edition if a licence is provided by customer)
  • SmarterStats (free edition, or full edition if a licence is provided by customer)
  • ASP.Net
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft DNS
  • Microsoft FTP

If any of the software is not required, please specify this during ordering. For an addition cost, we can also setup some additional software or move more than one site onto the server. Please contact sales for a quote.

The files and database that make up the website will need to be sent to us before setup can proceed. Mail data will be copied from our shared hosting servers if the domain is being moved from there, or a blank mail domain will be setup otherwise. Please allow up to an additional 2 working days (usually less) for the full server setup.

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