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Claim your reserved .uk domain before it's too late!

If you already own a domain ending in .UK (e.g. then for a limited period, you may have the rights to your equivalent shorter .uk domain.

When .uk was launched on 10 June 2014 the rights were reserved for many existing customers owning a,,,, or to their equivalent .uk domain. This reservation was for 5 years, so later this year the reservations will expire and the domains will become available for anyone to register!

In conjuction with Nominet, we are currently running a promotion which means that if you have one of these domains reserved for you, you can get the domain free for the first year (with no commitment) and at a discount for subsequent years!

If you are unsure if you have a domain reserved, simply contact us and let us know what domain you think you might have reserved and we can check for you. We will also be emailing all customers who have a reserved domain with us in the next few days. But the existing domain does not have to be registered with us in order to claim your reserved domain for free. Contact us for details and we can guide you through claiming your free domain!

This promotion will be running from the 4th February 2019 until the end of the 30th March 2019, all claims must be received by then so that we can process them for you at the discount. The special prices only apply to domains that have a valid reservation (called a "right of registration").


Register for 1 Year£5.99 + VAT FREE - save £5.99 + VAT
Register for 2 Years£11.98 + VAT £5.69 + VAT - save £6.29 + VAT
Register for 3 Years£17.97 + VAT £11.38 + VAT - save £6.59 + VAT
Register for 4 Years£23.96 + VAT £17.07 + VAT - save £6.89 + VAT
Register for 5 Years£29.95 + VAT £22.76 + VAT - save £7.19 + VAT
Register for 6 Years£35.94 + VAT £28.45 + VAT - save £7.49 + VAT
Register for 7 Years£41.93 + VAT £34.14 + VAT - save £7.79 + VAT
Register for 8 Years£47.92 + VAT £39.83 + VAT - save £8.09 + VAT
Register for 9 Years£53.91 + VAT £45.52 + VAT - save £8.39 + VAT
Register for 10 Years£59.90 + VAT £50.90 + VAT - save £9.00 + VAT
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